September 2013 Newsletter

Following the federal elections ASADA may have the opportunity to play a meaningful part in formulating how our profession deals with and is dealt with by AHPRA et al.

ASADA has members with varying "registration" status including:

  • Non Registered Retired
  • Registered Retired
  • Full Registration

As each of these groups likely has varying concerns and issues I feel we need to explore our members’ views so that we can formulate an inclusive approach. To aid in this we have set up a “News and Views” forum where ASADA members can express themselves.

The forum has been designed to allow members to contribute anonymously or otherwise.

I have been advised by our in-house IT experts that contributors could only be identified by ASADA being forced to hand-over a contributor’s IP address via a court order.

Contributors can take ownership of their post by signing or putting their name in the subject title.

The “News-Views” forum has two major areas: A General area where non-ASADA members can read but not post comments and a secure Members Only area, the later can only be seen after login.

When you visit the News-Views page at you will be asked to login.

Please email me for the user name and password for login privileges.

I do think that if members use the News-Views forum facility we can both strengthen our “community” and discuss and amalgamate views to enhance our member’s ongoing medical existence.

Kind regards

Simon Strauss MBBS Mon 1972
Acting President ASADA