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 12 March 2020

 Retired and senior active Queensland doctors answer Government’s call to action

Up to 500 retired and senior active Queensland doctors are ready to fill the breach whilst their colleagues tackle the likely (COVID-19) pandemic.

Responding to Government’s call to arms on Saturday for doctors to come out of retirement to assist in confronting the crisis, the Australian Senior Active Doctors Association Queensland Branch (ASADA QLD) has taken responsibility for the appeal to the profession.

ASADA’s President is Associate Professor, Dr Geoffrey Hawson MBBS FRACP FAChPM. Professor Hawson is also the Retired Doctor Craft group representative on the Australian Medical Association’s Queensland Council - a unique position in the nation.

Professor Hawson and his ASADA colleagues have initially consulted with 

AMAQ Leadership and members, The Redcliffe and District Local Medical Association (RDMA), Gold Coast Members and other Queensland Local Medical Association members.

Further statewide consultations will occur this week.

Professor Hawson said today that there were currently two groups of doctors who could contribute their services.

 “The first consists of currently retired doctors who could volunteer their services in a call up of doctors once the State Government puts in place mechanisms for them to practice.

 “The second group consists of senior active doctors who are currently registered but are transitioning towards retirement. Many, many of these would like to continue to contribute to the healthcare of Queenslanders. 

 “The government could provide for a step down or occasional practice registration category to keep these doctors in the system and available to practice in the community as needed. 

 “In the past, such a category has existed and could be easily reinstated.

 “Successive Queensland State Governments are also to be congratulated for keeping enabling legislation on the books, which simply requires modification.

 “ASADA strongly believes that senior active doctors are an underutilised asset in advancing the health of Queenslanders and all Australians and welcomes discussions with the Health Minister Steven Miles around how these doctors could contribute their vast experience and expertise if they wish to volunteer.

 “We are seeking a meeting with the Minister to outline our detailed plan,” he said.

ASADA senior member and President of the Redcliffe and District Local Medical Association (RDMA) Dr Kimberley Bonderson agrees that “members of RDMA support the introduction of registration categories enabling retired and senior active doctors to assist the Qld Government in the current health crisis.

 ASADA Gold Coast representative, Dr Darryl Gregor said that he was positive that many colleagues in the City would seek to assist during the crisis and beyond.

 “I’ve always held the view that retired doctors are an incredible resource for governments dealing with flood, drought and regional shortage crises,” he said.

 Doctors interested in supporting or participating in ASADA’s campaign are asked to contact the organisation at

 For further information:

 Associate Professor Dr Geoffrey Hawson

Graham Staerk on 0423 027 973